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Do you use ELF cosmetics/Makeup ?

Do you use ELF cosmetics/Makeup ?

How do you like it ?

I know the Price is Better then Right, but How is the quality ?Do you use ELF cosmetics/Makeup ?
I have a couple of elf products. the prices are realllyyyy good but you just have to find what products work best for you. i found that the elf studio brushes are really good especially for the price. i dont suggest using like elf foundations or liners. i really do enjoy the eyebrow kit and the bronzer duo. but if your a makeup junkie why not? i love makeup and use all different kinds so i love trying different products, so if you are as well its worth a try its not expensive.Do you use ELF cosmetics/Makeup ?
You get small amounts of everything.

You basically get what you pay for.

I like name brands that are found in the drug store. You can get the ELF stuff at Dollar Stores.
Yes I love it! Their brushes are really good quality, I also like their eyeshadows! I don't reccomend their eyeliners though, some of their lipglosses are kinda sticky.

Is the makeup 'elf' a good brand??

never heard of it.Is the makeup 'elf' a good brand??
I've never heard of it, but have you tried MAC? I love there make-up it's great,Is the makeup 'elf' a good brand??
idk havent heard of it

try MAC
Never heard of it.

ELF eye makeup powder or cream?

do they sell actual eyeshadow powder or just the eyeshadow cream?ELF eye makeup powder or cream?
im pretty sure they have it in powder form. you should go on their web site...

Has anyone ever gotten enough credits for makeup for like on

elf stands for eyes lips and face. It's a makeup line that sells one dollar makeup. It has this refer a friend thing and every time you refer a friend and that friend makes an order from elf you get a credit. Now when you get 100 credits supposedly you get free makeup for life...i was just curious if anyone has ever gotten it.Has anyone ever gotten enough credits for makeup for like on
No, the women in my life don't use that. They prefer Nuskin, Elizabeth Arden, or Estee Lauder. I like the au natural myself.

What is your opinion of elf makeup?

I'm thinking about buying makeup from and was wondering what you thought of it as a whole (service, products, etc.) I've read that the nail polish, lip gloss, brushes and brightening eye color are all great. So I'm wanting to get some of that plus various things like a make-up bag, eyelash curler, tweezers, etc. Are the products still good? (Because most of the reviews are from a year or two ago.) And I've also read bad stuff about customer service. I'm not concerned if it takes two weeks to ship, I'd just like to have all the stuff that I order.

And I would go to a Big Lots or K-Mart to buy the stuff, but I live in a little town and we only have a Wal-Mart.What is your opinion of elf makeup?
I watched a few youtube videos on elf products and some people say that the service is pretty bad, but i don't know if they've improved there service. Elf is good for people starting out with makeup as it's really cheap %26amp; just to play around with..i heard elfs new studio line is really good so try that out because i've heard really good things about it :)What is your opinion of elf makeup?
it may be cheap but its rubbish...if your not cheap but yuu sound it buy mac Report Abuse

Also if you get excited over buying $40 worth of makeup (what is that, like 1 tube of foundation, lol!) from a bad store which will probably let you down.. then you need to get a life. Report Abuse

You are so obviously trying to advertise the is seriously embarassing. You could not be more obviousl.

Unfortunately for you, and the store, you can't delete this question now. So the fact that you are so deceptive is going to remain online for everyone to see and laugh at. Report Abuse

Also, pointing out that they have improved does not make the store look good. All you have done is remind people how bad you are. Not only that but most people agreed that they were bad.. LOL!!! Report Abuse

Well I've never used the make-up, but I am a proud owner of an elf brush (elf professional Defining Eye Brush). The bristles are very soft. It's perfect for applying eyeshadow on my lid, and on my crease, since I'm still saving up for more brushes. But until I get those brushes...then I think that this elf brush will do me just fine!! ;D
Its alright. Not a brand I would swear by though.

Not a fan of their face makeup. Ive heard bad stuff about customer service too. Youd probably be better off ordering from

They have blotting papers I like.

Brushes from them arent bad.
I've only used they're eyeliner [both liquid %26amp; pencil.] . it sucks. it smudges easily, and the liquid eyeliner brush is horrible.
i have only used eyeshadow from e.l.f., but i was really satisfied with it because it was long wearing, did not crease, and had many attractive colors.
yessir; i love elf products;


they are really cheap and cruelty free; and work reall nice :D
tyra on the tyra banks show said their good =]

so try it
  • lip gloss
  • Questions about ELF makeup?

    I found this wonderful site:

    I found it because Seventeen magazine recomended a bronzer for my color from there.

    Everything is $1- $5 and I am hooked.

    All the reviews I've seen are saying this stuff is GREAT.

    However my parents are skeptical.

    My dad wonders what they are REALLY skipping on to keep prices low.

    My mom wonders if they have any bad ingredients that can cause a reaction.

    Help?Questions about ELF makeup?
    I use ELF all the time and it's a really great product. Chances are, if you haven't heard anything bad about it, then there's nothing bad to hear. ELF appeals to people who can't afford the expensive Sephora stuff as well as anyone who likes makeup, which is why the prices are low. Hope I helped ^.^Questions about ELF makeup?
    ELF is a great line.. I've ordered several times from there.. The things i reccomend are the mineral makeup, mineral blush, their brushes are wonderful, fingernail polish, blotting sheets.. and i could go on for days..

    What i wouldnt reccomend is the face products like concealer and pressed powder.. The mineral powder is good.. but the others are just eh, i mean you pay for what you get with those.. Their eyeshadows arent too pigmented like MAC's but, you get some good ones for everyday wear,.

    I would say if you want a good face makeup, to go to MAC.
    We have ELF in the UK too my friend gets loads of stuff and really loves all of it.

    The price is cheap as the amounts you get seem to be smaller than what you would usually expect. That doesnt really bother me as I get bored of a colour after a while.

    You have just reminded me that I was going to place my first order.

    Happy shopping!!!
    Well tell your dad that I think the elf site has low prices because with shipping a one dollar item could cost up to five dollars, so if they used the same price as in stores no one would want to buy them since it would be so expensive.

    I have the same problem so I know how you feel! lol. hope I helped.
    I have some products from ELF and I must say it's pretty good.

    The eyeshadow is beautiful, however i bought a lumanizer and it was not that good even though it was apretty color.

    The lip gloss is pretty good and it stays on for a long time.
    I've used elf, and totally hate it. It's bad quality.

    NYC is cheap, but good. Get that instead.
    whats elf make up

    ELF makeup products...... They are so inexpensive, I wonder if they're healthy and good quality?

    I'm thinking about getting this All Over Cover Stick, the All Over Color Stick, the Pressed Powder, and some lip gloss and eyeshadow. I'm a little concerned about the face products. They're so inexpensive, are they good? ARE THEY HEALTHY FOR SKIN?

    *PLEASE LOOK AT THE DESCRIPTION AND INGREDIENTS, THEN GIVE YOUR OPINION鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>ELF makeup products...... They are so inexpensive, I wonder if they're healthy and good quality?
    I've owned many e.l.f products, and have never had the slightest problem. Remember they couldnt sell makeup products, if they were not safe for your face. I would definetely go ahead and purchase those products. Good choices by the way!!! i hope you found this helpful! : )ELF makeup products...... They are so inexpensive, I wonder if they're healthy and good quality?
    Hey there!

    I had never heard of e.l.f. before, but my friend had an all-over color stick that didn't match her skin color well- so she gave it to me!

    I absolutely loved it! The color was ';pink lemonade'; and it had a special warmth that I haven't found anywhere else. I'm not a dermatologist, but my skin breaks out fairly easily- and this product didn't cause it to.

    So, as a fan of their product line, I'd recommend their stuff- I'd say they're good quality for half the price. Well, more like a sixth :)
    I'm a tad skeptical about e.l.f. products too.

    All the reviews I've read said they like it a lot,

    except for the brushes (the hair falls out easily)

    The ingredients that aren't very good for you are:

    Cetyl Alcohol %26amp; Methlyparaben

    I don't think they would be that terrible for you though. =p
    Hey :]

    It is an affordable brand but I would advise you to invest a bit more in your face products. Cheaps ones don't usually work that well.

    But by all means try their lip and eyes products. These are pretty much frugal

    Guud Luck
    i have only had their mascara duo. And i loved it!!! it's so worth the money. Lol. But i hear that they are as good as mac. so i say go ahead